Report: Jameis Winston Just Purchased 'Loss Of Value' Insurance Worth Up To $10 Million

  • Joe Polito

We were all pretty shocked when Heisman winner and national champion Jameis Winston decided to spend another slinging the pigskin at Florida State. “What if he gets injured?” we cried out. Well, according to Yahoo Sports, he’ll still get paid.

According to a source, Winston has just done what former Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford did before him and taken out an insurance policy for “loss of value.” The policy is said to be worth between $8 and $10 million. This has put the speculation wheels in motion because most athletes who purchase such a policy don’t stick around at school. So it would seem Mr. Winston is planning to take his talents to the NFL following his sophomore season.

Another important point: Winston is a two-sport athlete.

Can you blame him? The debate over whether or not to compensate “amateur” players is still raging. Winston wants to cash in whether he’s at peak value or not. Besides, he already got what he came for in Tallahassee.

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