Roger Federer Is Getting Paid A Whole Lot Of Money To Endorse Champagne In The Most Perfect Athlete-Product Match Ever

  • Glenn Davis

Thought experiment time: imagine a hunting rifle was invented that came with a special attachment. You filled this attachment with light beer, and every time you pulled the trigger on this rifle, it also automatically triggered the attachment to shoot the light beer into your mouth. Now imagine that as a celebrity endorser, this product signed Jared Allen. Well, it still wouldn’t be as good an athlete/product match as Roger Federer/Moët & Chandon:

The savoir faire. We’ve chronicled some perfectly Federer things here before, but this ad might top them all. And apparently Moët & Chandon realized what a natural fit this is and was especially eager to capitalize, because if Darren Rovell is right, they’re paying Federer $30 million over five years. If anything, we’re amazed this deal wasn’t made long ago. And we can’t be the only ones hoping Federer spends the entire sum of the deal on his Wimbledon warmup outfit next year.