Watch This Girl Completely Dominate A Boys Youth Football League

  • Glenn Davis

This is Sam Gordon. She plays (American) football in a boys’ youth league. Based on the raw numbers given (1,911 yards, 8.2 yards per carry, 35 scores), she plays very, very well in that league. But does the tape suggest the same sort of dominance? Well, not quite… because based on the highlight video below, Gordon is basically Gale Sayers:

“Wow! Sam you look like Barry Sanders,” said one person commenting on the clip above, and if you watched it, you can see why: she made defenders look pretty much invisible. And as the “taking a hit” section plainly demonstrates (it starts at the 3:20 mark if you didn’t make it that far the first time around), it’s not like the boys were just taking it easy on her. In fact, you might cringe a little at seeing kids – no matter the gender – taking hits like some of the ones Gordon does. But as the ensuing “making a hit” section of the video plainly shows, she gives as good as she gets.

We’re not sure how old the kids in this league are – they look pretty young. But at the end of the video, the message is clear: “See you next year, boys!” Sounds like her football-playing days are far from over. We’d be more nervous for her opponents. And hopefully these videos documenting her on-field exploits keep coming out every year.

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