The Sochi Slopestyle Course Claims More Victims As A Norweigan Rider Falls On Her Head, An Australian Rider On His Nuts

  • Eric Goldschein

Some say Shaun White chickened out of competing in the slopestyle event this year when he withdrew due to “injury concerns” at the last minute. And maybe that’s true. But he’s not the only one who thinks Sochi’s slopestyle course is dangerous, and today it claimed another victim: Norweigan snowboarder Kjersti Buaas.

Buaas was on her first qualifying run of the day when this happened (via r/olympics):

She ended up only rupturing a muscle, according to a post afterwards on Instagram:

“Oh snap…That was a real scare!!! Good news is that I only ruptured a muscle… I am so grateful it’s nothing worse, even though I have some severe pain in my stomach and back..” She also used the hashtag “#worstslamofmylife.”

There was another, less publicized injury on the course — Australia’s Scotty James tweeted this out after falling on the final jump of his first run: