Today In “Bad Ideas For A Soccer Team”: Trying To Fight Riot Police On The Pitch

  • Glenn Davis

What you’ll see below happened last night following a Copa Libertadores match in Brazil, won by Brazilian club Atletico MG 5-2 over Arsenal de Sarandi of Argentina. Apparently, Arsenal de Sarandi did not take the loss very well and decided to get in some match officials’ faces and let them know that they did not approve of their performance. And that’s when police started getting involved, trying to put an end to the quarreling. That, uh, did not happen:

Well, it did calm down eventually, but not before enough went down to get at least four Arsenal players detained. For those who watched the above clip and thought the police were as over the top as the players, their lieutenant colonel said this:

The lieutenant colonel of Minas Gerais police, Cicero, was quick to defend the strong actions of his men after the final whistle: “It was criminal conduct, out of place at a football match. (The Argentines) could be arrested.”

While the players certainly looked out of line with the way they were going after officials, was that number of riot police necessary? One could argue pretty easily that their presence caused the situation to escalate.Anyway, we at least hope everyone can agree that going after refs at the end of a game and then trying to pick a fight with riot police who come out and try to stop you from going after the refs both = bad.

[Dirty Tackle]