Something That Shouldn’t Surprise You: The Rams Have Reportedly Fired Gregg Williams

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

For some reason, Gregg Williams was still the St. Louis Rams’ to get rid of, but just in case you were wondering, he was reportedly let go. Good thing that’s settled, then.

Williams has not yet been reinstated by the NFL, but now regardless of what happens going forward, he will not be the defensive coordinator for the Rams. It’s hard to think he’ll ever be the defensive coordinator for anyone ever, seeing as he offered Saints players thousands of dollars to injure opposing players (remember that?), veritably ruining the Saints’ 2012 season, the spirit of the city of New Orleans, and his own career.

Blake Williams, Gregg’s son, was also let go as the team’s linebackers coach. There are enough Williamses out there, I’m sure Blake can masquerade around as someone who isn’t Gregg Williams’ son. Maybe

[ESPN, Getty Images]