UPDATED: The 20 Stupidest Sports Video Games Of All Time (And The Titles They Should Have Had)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Oh, wow, thanks Mom and Dad. Mutant League Hockey! Just what I, um, wanted. All my favorite players playing my, err, favorite sport. You know, like the Wolfman. Or the Mummy. Or Not Mark Messier. Thanks.

We’ve all been there. Either bury it under the tangled mess of old controllers or secretly become really good at it — just don’t let your friends see that you now own a game that sports a creepy, man-boobed Bill Laimbeer-cyborg on the cover. It’ll ruin your street cred.

Here’s an updated list of the 20 most quintessentially stupid sports video games from your disappointing (though retrospectively hilarious) childhood. Oh, and we’ve renamed them to reflect what the cover tells us about these gems. Enjoy!