The 8 Best (Or Worst) Sports-Related Death Scenes In Film History

  • Jake O'Donnell

There really is only one sports/horror movie, and it was Graduation Day in 1981 — a film loosely based on high school athletics. The rest, well, they’ve been culled from the depths of hell. And by “hell,” we really do mean “hell,” because watching any one of these movies in their entirety is torture (except The Last Boy Scout, that one was pretty good). Here we go, trick or treaters: SportsGrid film archives presents The 8 Best Sports Related Death Scenes In Film History.

(And by “best” we mean “worst”)

(And by “film” we mean “they were recorded on a camera”)


Bad dismount from Final Destination 5 (2011)


Dork scores touchdown despite getting tackled in half in Not Another Teen Movie (2001)


Jason Voorhees boxing match decapitation in Friday the 13th Part 8


Pole vault death scene from Graduation Day (1981)


Javelin death scene from Fatal Games (1985)


Deadly basketball from Deadly Friend(1986)


Homerun kills lady in Simon Birch(1998)


Tae Bo creator Billy Blanks shoots defensive back in the face in the defining scene of The Last Boy Scout (2001)