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NBASports & Race

There Are Too Many White Guys On The Timberwolves, Say Local Black Leaders

Is the Minnesota Timberwolves’ front office white-washing their team on purpose? That seems like one crazy notion here in 2012, but it’s one local black leaders in the Twin Cities have picked up and run with. The team, whose 15-man roster contains only five black players, is under fire by said black leaders, who believe the point of putting together the whitest roster since the Boston Celtics of the 80s is to appeal to their heavily white fanbase.

Before we dive in, let’s examine the T’Wolves and the greater state of the NBA. First, Minnesota’s team is only 33 percent black, well below the 2011-12 league average of 78 percent. I don’t think that’s any cause for racial uproar, but let’s move on. The NBA is an ever-globalizing league. Most of the players from overseas are white, but they are all talented, and the really talented ones are coveted by team owners, general managers, and coaches. Black, white, it doesn’t matter — talent is talent and overseas, it is growing abundant. So let’s examine what people are saying about the snow-capped Wolves (via StarTribune):

“How did we get a roster that resembles the 1955 Lakers?” asked Tyrone Terrell, chairman of St. Paul’s African American leadership council. “I think everything is a strategy. Nothing happens by happenstance.”

Ron Edwards, a longtime Minneapolis civil rights advocate, said he remembers a day last winter when he was watching the Wolves and the only black player on the floor was Wes Johnson, a situation he calls “somewhat disturbing.” His sentiments grew stronger, he said, as he watched the team’s roster grow even more white this offseason.

“It raises some real questions to me about what’s really intended,” Edwards said. “I think, personally, that it was calculated. Is this an attempt to get fans back in the stands? Minnesota, after all, is a pretty white state.”

Terrell calls it “scary” that the Wolves would assemble a roster almost 70 percent white in a sport so dominated by blacks. For Edwards, the numbers trouble him by the “historical view,” what he calls a “nullification of diversity and a reversal of history.”

Wolves’ president of basketball operations David Kahn calls the accusations “patently false” and says he has no reason to defend his actions as he is not, in fact (in our words, not his) a modern-day bigot. His naysayers also targeted him for not having any African-American presence in his front office, which he responded as being concerned about, and is trying to diversify “behind the scenes.”

As the article notes, the Wolves tried targeting Nicolas Batum and Jordan Hill this summer. They lost the former to Portland — after “painstakingly” clearing room to match the Trail Blazers’ $45 million offer sheet — and the latter to the Lakers, where he clearly has a better shot at winning a championship. They brought in former all-star Andre Kirilenko to fill the void Batum left. And you guessed it: He’s a white guy! So too are the team’s anchors, Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio. White they may be, but they also happen to be great at basketball.

Is it fair for black fans of the Timberwolves to want to see more black players on their favorite team? Of course it is. Likewise, I can probably tell you every white guy who’s played for my favorite team, the Knicks, over the last decade. It’s only natural to feel a kinship to players you can associate with in any way. As for it being “scary” or “somewhat disturbing”, let’s just cool our jets here. It’s a white constituency with a white team, a white coaching staff, and a white front office, but I’d like to call that happenstance. Rick Adelman built the team he thought would put itself in the best position to be successful, and even though they’re screwed anyway, it’ll be a competitive team — regardless of color.

And surprise surprise, the players don’t really care. Let’s just face it, the Minnesota Timberwolves are not the white supremacists of the NBA.

[StarTribune, Getty Images]

  • MC Tinkle P

    Total reverse discrimination! I guess we need affirmative action in ALL SPORTS and get more “CAUCASIAN – AMERICANS” in the tightly held BLACK DOMINATED SPORTS!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ayotunde.afolabi Ayotunde Afolabi

    These are some of the STUPIDEST, MOST FOOLISH, and IMMATURE accusations I’ve heard in a while. In a league dominated by African-Americans and those of African origin, one can actually claim (albeit wrongly) that the league is racist TOWARD those who aren’t so. Complete nonsense. The very fact that they went after Nic Batum as their PRIMARY free-agent target (Jordan Hill, No.2) seriously weakens the theory. On top of that, only a few years ago, their star player was black…their star tandem was black, under the same Directorship and Ownership. Didn’t hear any complaints then. If I had Kevin Love and Rubio as my young 1-2, I definitely wouldn’t complain. Its nonsense… these guys need to stop wasting everybody’s time. Why don’t they invest their time and energy into something worthwhile?

    Then again, I’m not from the MN area, I can’t see these things from the front-line. But to me, these claims just seem juvenile and unfounded. Would be interesting to hear from actual T-Wolves fans and/or Minnesotans.

  • Anonymous

    The T-Wolves are a passing team. Need white boys to pass the ball around.

  • LastBastionOfBalance

    The cry babies are at it again. Give em a box of Kleenex and a bag of Pampers and tell them to STFU!!!!

  • colorblindness

    & here i thought those “white hating” bigots jackson & sharpton were the only two black attention seeking media starving racists in this great country of ours.

  • colorblindness

    yeah censorship alive & well @ the sports grind!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dronetek-Bulk-Vanderhuge/100000918732763 Dronetek Bulk Vanderhuge

    “DiversitY” has apprently become the erradication of white people from everything.

  • Matt Raida

    This asshole was on Rovers Morning Glory in Cleveland Ohio and I’ve never been so pissed off and embarrassed for African Americans. This man had the Goddamn arrogance to say people were angry in Cleveland when Lebron James left my home city we were all pissed BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK!!! Not that he left in a public spectacle on ESPN but because he was black! This is the goddamn reason there is racism in this country! Not to plug this radio show but seriously being a Cleveland resident I was appalled!!!! The replay of today’s show is on rovers morning glory iheartradio channel and I’m assuming will be posted on his site tomorrow. I have never heard such an ignorant argument in my life!!! I was floored, but you have to hear the stupidity where this argument and this point of view is coming from!

  • Anonymous

    Merit should always trump race

  • Anonymous

    Emile Francis , former GM of the Rangers once say he would ice a team of six Green Martians if they kept winning

  • http://www.theurbanpolitico.com/ The Janitor

    Who, among these alleged black leaders, is saying this? The article doesn’t name any names.

  • http://www.theurbanpolitico.com/ The Janitor

    Who was saying this?

  • http://www.edital.com Flemish American

    It is the most ridicules thing I’ve heard in a long time. Tyrone Terrell represents everything that’s wrong with todays Black community and a lot of Blacks are going to be embarrassed at what he’s said here. Why do we even give these idiots the national press they crave?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frumunda-Mabahlz/100003529999034 Frumunda Mabahlz

    The article both names Tyrone Terrell and directly quotes him

  • http://www.theurbanpolitico.com/ The Janitor

    Thanks. it does now but when it was first printed it did not. I see they’ve updated it. Thanks again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/psyber.kayos Psyber Kayos

    I was embarrassed, I was.

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