There’s An 80 Percent Chance That An Epic Winter Storm Will Hit New Jersey During The Super Bowl

  • Eric Goldschein

metlife stadiumYou usually can’t trust a weather report that goes beyond tomorrow. But the Farmers’ Almanac — which says its long-range weather predictions are about 80 percent accurate — estimates that the Northeast should plan for a major winter storm between Feb. 1 and Feb. 3 in 2014. Super Bowl XLVIII, which will be held at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, is on Feb. 2.

In fact, this upcoming winter will apparently be “C-O-L-D,” which makes sense, because it gets cold in the north in winter. This obvious fact seemed to have escaped the NFL when deciding to designate MetLife as the first outdoor stadium in a cold climate to host the Super Bowl. Although considering the quality of the Super Bowl halftime shows in recent years, perhaps this was a conscious decision.

On one hand, a blizzard during the Super Bowl sounds like the stuff NFL Films’ dreams are made of. Then again, we’d prefer to actually see a football game, not 60 minutes of people trying desperately to feel their own fingers when receiving a hand off.

The almanac, which is released today, has been published annually since 1818 and is a favorite resource of farmers and wedding planners. Somebody, please, sent Roger Goodell a copy.

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