They Put Down Grass At Cowboys Stadium For Gold Cup Soccer, And … What A Joke

  • Rick Chandler

If you thought the grass at the British Open was lush and green, then you’ll love the Gold Cup. Cowboys Stadium is playing host to the CONCAF soccer doubleheader, beginning on Wednesday as you know. So they’ve laid down a grass field at the House that Jerry Built.

Only it appears to look like that faded, frayed Astroturf your grandparents used to carpet the rec room.

The U.S. National Team meets Honduras in the opener on Saturday, followed by Mexico vs. Panama in the late game. If there’s any grass left, that is.

But not to worry. The braintrust in Arlington has a way to fix any bald spots or annoying crevices.

As you can see, it will be a classy affair all the way around.

My favorite comments so far:

Speaking of people, Cowboys Stadium holds 80,000 of them, and all that money makes up for a crappy field, I guess.

Plus, there are already complaints that the field is too small for soccer: not enough room for corners. But, enjoy the games.