Titus Young Was Benched Against The Texans Because He Sabotaged Plays Against The Packers The Week Before

  • Dylan Murphy

Titus Young is no stranger to controversy in his brief two-year NFL career. Namely, this, this and this. Last week on Thanksgiving, Young sat out the game against the Houston Texans due an unspecified incident or violation, or something. News of what that infraction was, however, was unknown until today. And oh, how so funny and/or depressing it is.

Two weeks ago, the Green Bay Packers eeked out a close victory over the Detroit Lions, putting their season on the brink of playoff elimination. Young played in that game, only catching one ball for 26 yards despite six targets. Except something else happened during that game, something we witnessed without realizing: super spy Titus Young sabotaged his own team.

Via the Detroit Free Press:

“In a loss to the Green Bay Packers two weeks ago, he purposely lined up in the wrong spot on the field multiple times and mouthed off to receivers coach Shawn Jefferson on the sideline before being removed for the game’s final series.”

Did Young then proceed to run his own route, some schoolyard entrepreneur-ing? Did Stafford throw him the ball anyway? That’s a pretty bold move on Young’s part, though we’re not sure what purpose on-field pouting serves other than to entertain sports bloggers everywhere.

The worst part of all of this is that Titus Young is really, really talented, and is definitely the answer at WR No. 2 for Detroit when he’s not acting like a petulant child. Then again, there aren’t many times when he’s not acting like a petulant child. That Young even remains on the roster is another question entirely, but Schwartz is a hothead himself. Comfort in like minds, I guess.

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