Pete Rose Has Been Forgotten By Topps Like A Scorned Ex-Lover

  • Jake O'Donnell

Baseball cards still exist–and they’re pissed at Pete Rose. Well, not really, but they are refusing to acknowledge Rose’s all-time hits record. Well, not even that, they still recognize 4,256 hits as the most ever, they just won’t attach his name to it. That’s right, Topps is on board with MLB that 4,256 baseballs miraculously hit themselves from 1963-1986. G-G-G-G-Ghost! It’s like that period after your breakup when you pretended all those extra small Hollister shirts were “dad’s hand-me-downs” and not “bad anniversary gifts.”

Maybe they’re trying to appease the MLB, by going all Bud Selig on Charlie Hustle, in order to retain a good relationship. Or maybe they just saw his reality show and wanted to hit him 4,256 times. Either way, both Pete Rose and baseball cards still exist, whether or not they acknowledge each other.

[via USA TODAY, Getty Images]