A UFC Fighter’s Shorts Should Probably Not Look Like That

  • Glenn Davis

Last night, Dan Henderson beat Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in a fight heralded as one of the top three in the history of mixed martial arts by UFC head Dana White, and an instant classic by others. And you know what happens in a classic fight: blood is spilled. A lot of it. The photo above was posted by Cagewriter’s Maggie Hendricks. The right side of it is the octagon, post-fight. Those are blood stains. On the left? Those are Henderson’s shorts, post-fight. Those are also blood stains.

We wouldn’t blame you if you thought the red was just part of the shorts’ design, that no fight, no matter how brutal, couldn’t possibly leave that much blood leaking. But this one did. And here’s how it left the victorious Henderson looking afterward. Who knows if this was the best fight in UFC history, but we kind of hope it was the bloodiest.

Photo via Cagewriter