Usain Bolt Peppered With Questions About Politics, Selfies At Commonwealth Games Press Conference

  • Rick Chandler

Top three WTF questions from Usian Bolt’s Commonwealth Games press conference on Saturday:

* “Usain, I’ll be honest. None of us in here are here for work — we’re all here as fans. Can we please get a selfie with you?”

(Answer: “After this.”).

* “You’ll be aware that the Commonwealth Games are the friendly Games, with a subtext of human rights. In the past, the Israel and Palestine territories have tried to join the Commonwealth. You’re a man of the world. What is your view?”

(Answer: “For me, I hear about it but I don’t really follow politics so I can’t really comment unless I have the full details.”).

* “Can I just ask you what your opinion is of an independence referendum on Scotland coming up in a couple of months’ time. Have you got any thoughts?”

(Answer: “I didn’t even know that. I’m sorry.”).

I’m all for being tough on athletes during interviews: too often we allow celebrity to give them a free pass when the pertinent questions need to be asked. Asking Barry Bonds about PED use, for instance. But quizzing Usain Bolt over the Isreal-Palestine conflict seems rather pointless, and even selfish.

Bolt will only be running the relays — among then the 4x100m — in these games, but he plans on staying at the Athletes Village and attending many of the other events, among then the Jamaican netball competition.

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