Who Is The New Lady In Donald Sterling's Life, And Oh God What Is Wrong With Everybody?

  • Eric Goldschein

So apparently there’s a new lady rumored to be a part of Donald Sterling’s life. According to TMZ, a woman named Raven — just Raven, like Neymar or Ronaldinho — has been taking trips and going on dinner dates with the exiled former (current?) owner of the L.A. Clippers.

TMZ, in TMZ fashion, “caught up” with Raven on the streets of L.A. (meaning, they stalked and cornered her and asked her questions as she walked with some dude). She insists that their relationship a business relationship only. Because “he’s married.” Okay.

Here’s video, if you care to watch:

Raven met Sterling through Sterling’s former lady, V. Stiviano. It must be noted that Raven appears to be African-American. To recap, Sterling is still unable to reconcile his disdain for black people with wanting to stick his penis in them. And beautiful African-American women, for whatever reason (money? Raven says she pays for stuff sometimes) are drawn to him. So, nobody has learned anything and everybody is terrible and dumb.

Unless Sterling has turned a corner, and really is allowing a well-endowed, beautiful, young black lady to handle his business affairs. In which case, consider us completely stumped.