Wisconsin Little League Strips Alex Rodriguez’s Name From Field, Is Immediately Hit With Thunderstorm, Power Outage

  • Rick Chandler

Poor Appleton Little League. They tampered in God’s domain. (Shakes head).

Last week we told you about a Wisconsin Little League which stripped Alex Rodriguez’s name from their sports complex in the wake of his PEDs suspension by MLB. Technically, Alex Rodriguez Field in Appleton, WI, is no more, and will be named something else when baseball starts up again in the spring.

So a SportsGrid reader trekked over to the field one last time and took a photo. From Appleton resident Bill Harke:

“That is the actual Alex Rodriguez field and the sign remains up (that is it in the background atop the scoreboard that Jason is looking out at). The jersey Jason is wearing is a throwback from the Appleton Foxes and was part at a giveaway by the Wisconsin TimberRattlers (who were renamed from Appleton Foxes when a new stadium was built). The hat was also part of a throwback giveaway by the TimberRattlers. The day after the A-Rod name change was announced, that part of Appleton was hit by a severe storm and power was out for up to three days in places, including near this field (and my house).”

Hmm, a thunderstorm in early August. Luckily there was no locust swarm, or earthquakes, or 50-foot Madonna destroying dairy barns. So can we interpret from this that God is on A-Rod’s side? Scary if true. Funny how nature works sometimes.

But why would a Little League in Wisconsin name its field after Alex Rodriguez in the first place? Because A-Rod played for the Single-A Appleton Foxes during his first season of pro ball.

Anyway, his name is still up there.