Barcelona’s Xavi Completed Every Single One Of His 96 Passes Yesterday. That’s A Record.

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Barcelona drew Paris Saint-Germain yesterday, 1-1, in the second leg of their Champions League quarterfinal, doing just enough to advance via the away goals rule. Lionel Messi didn’t start, so that’s all everyone talked about. But Barca is unbelievably deep, and even though Messi is probably the world’s best player, they still can be as good as anyone during his absence. One of Barca’s many stars, Xavi (Hernandez), is as good as anyone at his position, despite being 33, 5-foot-7 and not especially fast. He sneaks under the radar of the provincial American media, even though he’s one of the world’s best players.

This stat happened: Xavi completed 100% of his 96 passes yesterday. 96-for-96. 96 passes completed and 0 given away in 90 minutes (plus injury time).

(Note: The graphic strangely says 92, even though the Tweeter who posted the graphic said the number was 96. Most outlets appear to be reporting the number as 92. Either way, it’s a record.)

These stats haven’t been tracked for long, though, and others have recorded perfect passing games. But none with as many attempts as Xavi, so he owns the record. For an in-depth look at exactly how impressive this is, head over to the Telegraph. The next-closest player is Javier Zanetti, who completed 72 of 72 passes for Inter in 2010.

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