Yep, Pamplona Running Of The Bulls Selfies Are A Thing Now

  • Rick Chandler

Because morons will be morons, here’s a guy taking a selfie with a bull bearing down on him at the San Fermin Festival in Spain.

This is:

1. Dangerous. You put other people’s lives in danger when you try shenanigams like this next to hurtling, horned livestock.

2. Illegal. Spain passed a law forbidding any kind of photography or filming on the streets during the run. Why? See No. 1.

3. Animal cruelty. These bulls are tortured to death later in the day in the bull ring. And for those who say there’s no difference between this and slaughtering cows for hamburger, I would submit that cows aren’t typically tortured to death, slowly, with swords and spears by prancing men in skin-tight pants. Bulls are made to fight for their lives in the bull run and later in the ring. There is no difference between this “sport” and what Michael Vick did to dogs.

4. If you go, you are complicit. If you attend the San Fermin Festival, it’s your tourist dollars that are keeping bullfighting alive. It’s disappearing elsewhere in Spain, and other places around the world.

Travel agencies are beginning to eliminate trips to Pamplona. It all begins with awareness.