THIS JUST IN: Young Hockey Players Are Insane

  • Jake O'Donnell

One might assume that the Junior World Championships of hockey are more tame than, say, the big boy games. Nope — kids behave like monsters as well. Just ask Patrick Roy’s son, Frederick Roy, who can seen in the video above going berserk because sports are tough? We have no idea what prompts such rage (hangnails?) What we do know, however, is that young hockey players get really worked up and can inflict some serious damage on the people/sticks/plexiglass around them. Case in point: Czech Michal Plutnar going after number one NHL prospect Connor McDavid and, instead, drilling the ref.

[The Victory Formation] “I got mad because [McDavid] took a shot on our goalie after the period. I lost my focus. It was stupid,” Plutnar admitted. “But we won the game.”

Though a goal was scored on the consequent 2-minute penalty, the Czechs ended up winning 5-4 in a stunning upset.