Your Gruesome Soccer Injury Of The Day (Warning: Unpleasant)

  • Glenn Davis

Apparently this happened over the weekend in a French soccer league match, but it just came to our attention this afternoon, via USA Today. If you’re not squeamish, you can check it below. If you are squeamish, you can still check it out below, but you probably shouldn’t, being squeamish and all. Are we good? Do we understand each other? Are you not going to press play if you don’t like bad injuries? Good. Here goes:

Ugh. We’d say that at least this came on an attempt at a real soccer play (as opposed to, say, this sort of thing), but the player who performed the slide, Valentin Eysseric, was sent off and is reportedly facing a suspension, so questions about the play’s possible dirtiness persist. Either way, Jeremy Clement, the player with the broken ankle, is (unsurprisingly) out for the season, which would seem to increase the chances of a harsh punishment for Eysseric.

Eysseric was remorseful in the incident’s aftermath, but the damage is done. We don’t think he actually meant to injure Clement, but the play, to say the least, did not end well, and whatever Eysseric’s punishment is, he’ll have gotten off way easier than Clement did. Slide with caution, folks.