And The Winner For The 2013 Best Celebration In Sports Goes To…

  • Jake O'Donnell

…Adrian Alvarstein, of the Narvik Arctic Eagles, who melted the ice with this obscenely entertaining trip down hip-hop dance memory lane (harlem shake, pop and lock, b-boy spin, etc.). Apparently his performance had a greater purpose than just celebrating the Arctic Eagles’ 8-3 win over Viking Hockey — Alvarstein wanted to expose Norway’s epically horrible dancers to DJ Contiez’s “Trumpsta,” which has corresponding moves that he believes they should practice.

Or at least know what it looks like when someone does them correctly. Here’s what he told

[Via CBS] “I’m trying to get it out to all of Norway. When people hear the song, they should know that there is this dance that apply,”

Honestly, wouldn’t you be more interested in watching figure skating if it resembled something like this? Quick, somebody tell Johnny Weir before Sochi gets going…

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