Chicken Mascot Wearing James Harden Jersey Tackles Streaker In New Zealand Rugby Match

  • Rick Chandler

Sure, you dream about this sort of thing every night you have Mexican food, but now it’s really happened. The chicken mascot for a New Zealand Super Rugby team tackled a streaker who interrupted play on Saturday, and now he’s a celebrity. It happened during a match between the Otago Highlanders and Auckland Blues in Dunedin, and we can’t say that this video has gone viral: for one thing, the tackle happened off camera during the match broadcast. We heard about it from

Key quote:

“I felt as a mascot it was part of my duty,” he said yesterday. ”I had to stop him at all costs. So I gave it my all, showed some toe and managed to catch him.”

We have many questions.

Why was the chicken wearing a James Harden Houston Rockets jersey?

Why did the Highlanders feel the need to reenact the tackle later for cameras, using another naked guy?

Why a chicken in the first place?

Channel 3 News TV New Zealand interviewed the chicken, who explained that he has already named the takedown:

“I call it the smother hen, you just wrap them up and pin them to the ground.”

And now, here’s a gallery of the greatest mascot tackles and takedowns of all time (mascots tackling people and other mascots only. No people tacking mascots, which is too easy).

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