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FIGHTIN’ ROUND THE WORLD (Part 2): Drunk Australian Dude Goes Toe-To-Toe With Muay Thai Fighter At Best Bar In The World

We’ve all done it. Been out with your friends, had a few too many, felt an undue sense of confidence, signed up to fight a sober professional kick boxer, had to run out the ring in terror — it almost feels like we report on this EXACT story every other day.

Or not. (Though, if you’re in the market for some consistently awesome MMA schadenfreude action, might we suggest heading over to the best MMA website on Earth, The Fight Network.)

Here’s what the video’s caption was on Live Leak.

[Globalgenocide] Before this clip started people were fighting the Thai guy and he was going pretty easy on them since they were doing it for more entertainment than anything else, my mate decided that he could kick the guys arse and said as much even making a bet. Ended up getting into the ring to attempt to prove it, as expected didn’t go very well for him, quite a bit of rage at the end made me laugh.

Russell Crowe and Tugger would not be proud of the ballsy Aussie, who thinks a few pints of pale ale can compensate for not knowing how to fight. Watch as a fun little sparring match turns into a oh-shit-I’ve-got-to-get-out-of-here, as the pro fighter literally kicks the kid out of the ring.

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