H.S. Football Player Has Leg Amputated After Game, Returns With Prosthetic And Scores Two TDs

  • Jake O'Donnell

Koni Dole sustained such a traumatic leg injury last October, that his leg needed to be permanently removed below the knee. Now he’s back on the field with an Oscar Pistorius-inspired-blade-prosthetic and running amok on both sides of the ball (two TDs, one sack as DE.) Clearly this hasn’t slowed him down. Watch him squat what appears to be 200 lbs just five months after his surgery.

Oh, and he wrestles…

Oh, and he’s being offered a walk-on scholarship spot at Montana State University. To play football. In college. Unbelievable. Things like this make you wonder why we spend so much time fussing over Johnny Manziel…

H/T Yahoo! Sports

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