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Here’s An Insane Handball Goal That Ignores The Laws Of Physics

The European Handball Championships might be the best sporting event that you’ve never watched. Seriously, I lived in Denmark for four months, and people go crazy for this shit. The only downside is that any good American athlete could step in and immediately dominate, but if you ignore that fact, you realize that the game is fun as hell.

This goal comes from Danish legend Mikkel Hansen, whom my friend once recognized on the streets of Copenhagen, greeting him with the only Danish phrase he knew, “tak men nej tak,” or “thanks, but no thanks.” (Imagine going up to Derek Jeter in New York, smiling, and greeting him with, “thanks, but no thanks,” and a handshake.) Hansen impressively responded with, “Okay.” (In a Danish accent.)

Thanks, but no thanks, Sir Isaac Newton.

  • Punknissen

    “The only downside is that any good American athlete could step in and immediately dominate”……..just like USA is doing with football….oh that’s right you are NOT

  • Jerry Baustian

    Wouldn’t Isaac Newton clearly understand “English”? Golf, billiards, cricket, soccer — practically any sport or other competition that uses a round ball. The angular momentum of a sphere rotating around its axis — I think it can be derived from Newton’s Second Law.

    Anyone who shoots pool, knows how necessary it is to put the right spin on the cue ball. Anyone who plays golf understands how to use a pitching wedge. And even a film buff who knows nothing of soccer has surely heard of the film “Bend It Like Beckham,” and may know what the title refers to.

  • Emil Rasch

    I dont agree thats americans could dominate, you have to remember, there are 200 mil americans, but 400 million europeans, and also that you have your own sports like baseball american football, basketball, wich is not that popular in europe, okay its more popular than handball is, in us, I love handball, very fast high scoring dynamic fysical game, I think with the dynamics of the game, americans would have a littel disadvantage, it not ment to offend, but american sociaty, and also somewhat your sports, are bases more on individuality, dont say theres something wrongt with that, nor the other, not here to discuss politics, but the american mentality, you would have to find playes who are very much team playes, as handball, is proberly the sport in the world, where team work is most needed, ther are 6 playes that stands before you, so you have to break down the defence litaraly, you dont do that one man no matter how good you have, you have to use all the spectras, thats where the dynamic part comes in, you have to score often from crazy unexpected positions, like Mikkel Hansen here, but i really hope, it will get big in the us, also, so you can get as much joy out of it as I have.

  • Emil Rasch

    and 600 mil europeans if you take the russians with(they are in this tournement), and more if you take former sovjet states with.

  • Emil Rasch

    And again its not ment to offend in any way, really really hope, you get as much joy out of it as i have, it was just my perspective of it, from Denmark, where handball, is the 2 biggest sport and biggest for women. :) As in germany spain, and many other countries :).

  • Anonymous

    not offended at all… appreciate the comment! i loved watching handball in denmark. great, underrated sport. i just think if you had a team of american athletes (say: LeBron James, Calvin Johnson, Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, Adrian Peterson and Dwight Howard… or something like that)… they’d be pretty damn overwhelming.

  • Tom

    If they played handball since the age of 5 like the European athletes do, then maybe.

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