High School Pitcher And Catcher Probably Most Popular Kids In School After This Ridiculous Catch

  • Glenn Davis

Thought Derrick Salberg had given you your fill of amazing catches in otherwise-obscure amateur baseball games for the time being (and it can’t be said enough that that was an unbelievable catch)? Think again. Because yesterday, a high school baseball game in Ohio provided a tag team catch that… well, it’s hard to compare with Salsberg’s. This one was a different kind of spectacular. But wow, was it spectacular. Take it away, pitcher Joe Robie and catcher Corey Tipton:

The Toledo Blade said the game (won by St. John’s – i.e. Robie’s and Tipton’s team) “will be remembered for its wild sixth inning.” Well, this play happened in the third, so… we’ll have to respectfully disagree.

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