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How Not To Throw A Ceremonial First Pitch

This incredible example of how not to throw out the ceremonial first pitch comes to us from South Korea. Meet Jessica Jung, who was born in San Francisco and now sings for a Korean pop group called “Girls’ Generation.” Also, she can’t throw a ball for shit.

There is some fantastic build up here. She’s slowly escorted to the mound by two eager uh, things (I guess that’s the mascot?), she takes her time getting prepared, winding up, and then… fails miserably. Strange that they have a batter actually stand there for the first pitch — like he would actually swing at something she threw.

Asian countries produces the strangest ceremonial first pitches. But at least these aren’t actual female baseball players doing this. Is this what Our Lady Of Sorrows thought they’d be up against?

h/t Bob’s Blitz

  • Anonymous

    Ceremonial “first pitches” are crazy BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT PITCHES AT ALL!  In this video, they had it right by having a batter at the plate because if it was a spot-on fast ball over the plate, he should have had the right to swing at it and run to first.  In a much-lower-ranked-country-when-math-scores-are-tabulated, viz the USA, if the pitch is a ball, the first batter should have a 1-and-0 count and if it’s a strike, an 0-and-1 count.  They don’t have a ceremonial kickoff in football that counts or a jump-ball in basketball that counts.  I guess sometimes a celebrtity will drop the puck in hockey, but what can you expect from people with fewer teeth than toes?

  • Anonymous

    She throws as good as Obama! 

  • boom

    lol she’s so cute XDDDD
    i think that was funny LOL

  • yala

    its Jessica Jung, not Yung… stupid assholes, can’t get their facts right…

  • packardmill

    as a baseball fan, it made us laugh lol, that’s it, she was good job.

  • Jhy7888

    i think that was fantastic pitch.

  • Jhy7888

    i think that was fantastic pith.

  • Eat this Sports Grid

    You know they’re mascots and you wonder if they are THINGS? Have some fucking respect for other countrys. They may not be as famous as Mr.Mets or Phanatic but they sure are loved by their home fans. Just because you don’t know them, don’t call them things, you fucking idiot. Have you ever been out of America? You probably think California is a foreign country. Fucking moron.

  • Arielashalove

    LLmao but i can’t even clown her cuz my pitching is like that maybe worse. i can’t pitch for ship.

  • http://twitter.com/alexandertermo alexandertermo

    you don’t have any right to wrote this. 
    watch out your word dude, you want to mess with her fans?
    you’d  better apologized. 
    it’s really bad if her company found it. you’ll be in trouble. 
    i just remind you for better. 
    it’s okay you want to wrote about her failure throwing ball, but WATCH OUT YOUR WORD.

  • Yous

    Got a problem with the way she throws?

  • Eric Goldschein

    I think you took that the entirely wrong way. They are people mascots, which is lame. I would say the same “thing” about the Phanatic. But thank you for your diligent interest. Come by sometime so we can compare passport stamps.

  • thisisforjessicajungyoumoron

    You’re stupid.

  • Dafuq

    Ha, after all this, you guys who called yourselves as her fans end up attacking the writer of this goddamn article? Please. This just makes the world hate her more. Frikkin fans.

  • Anonymous

    LOL…that’s how Jessica is…she trolls everybody…XD

    but the way you wrote this is kinda off.

  • Dafuq

    What a low standard you have then.

  • Sooyeon

    im a fan, and i do agree that her throw was really bad but you wrote this whole thing in a really negative way. in the first place, she’s not really a baseball player so you shouldn’t expect her to have a great throw. try blaming the one who arranged this whole shit. 

  • thaovy

    The best example of how to not write an article.

  • Lcddvis

    Jessica Jung: SNSD’s resident troll. 

  • http://twitter.com/leesun_22 Leesun

    She’s a singer, dude. Not a pro baseball player. The only reason she’s picked to throw that pitch is probably because she’s famous.-_- So, she’s a fail at pitching.. but the way you wrote it doesn’t sound right. “..can’t throw a ball for shit” Watch the language, Mr. Writer. Her fans doesn’t appreciate it, especially when Jessica Jung can speak English fluently and can read this. She’s already embarrassed as it is.
    “Asian countries produces the strangest ceremonial first pitches.” Korea’s one country, and suddenly it’s ‘Asian countries’?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1524705598 Alina Yu

    *cries* I love her so much. Awesome singer and dancer…but baseball skills..lolol.

  • http://twitter.com/itz_kdawg 家寶

    The way Jessica reacted was so cute. But yes, she’s not perfect….so don’t expect her to be your starting pitcher anytime soon. :)

  • Calvin_tu130

    As good as John wall

  • http://twitter.com/mashpotatobunny Jackie Ha

    Wow, Soshi fans.  Calm down.  I agree, she is not a professional baseball player.  She’s not required to be stellar at the game.  But you really can’t say that the author is wrong because really, she can’t throw the ball for shit.  Not everyone has to worship SNSD.  The author never said that Jessica is a terrible person.  Regardless of who it was, if anyone threw the ball like that, they would’ve had something similar written about them.  You’re just upset because he stated a negative (but true) opinion about her.  Just admit your idol has flaws and get your head out of her ass.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a unique pitch man, unique. Lol. Everybody was expecting that actually (even herself I think).

  • Anonymous

    though her throw was a fail, the way in which he worded the article was in a very rude/respectful manner. Were not saying the article was wrong, it was just how he wrote it and how it came off as sounding rude, even if he didnt intend to make it sound rude. especially the “Also, she cant throw a ball for shit” part, im pretty sure we can all agree that was just a tad bit rude.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VHWC6MWO5HAUWECBMXCTKWSTQE Ellen

    1. Rude to say that she can’t throw a ball for shit.
    2. Disrespectful to say Asian countries have strange ceremonial pitches.
    3. Escorted by two “things”? Cocky.
    Jessica is a singer, not a professional baseball player, what did you expect? Please, keep your impudent comments to yourself. This doesn’t even come from a sone.

  • yAmiLiciOus

    Haha..you have no idea who’s that girl ur talking…

  • Trini Almighty

    Dear Eric Goldschein,
    The way that you had written this article is atrocious. 

     ’Also, she can’t throw a ball for shit.’ Sir, that is just unnecessary and immature. Jessica Jung maybe not be a professional player but you can not insult her in this manner.

    ‘Asian countries produces the strangest ceremonial first pitches.’ Korea is one country out of the 56 Asian countries. Therefore you can not assume that all Asian countries are the same. 

    ‘But at least these aren’t actual female baseball players doing this.’ Again, there is another stereotype. Maybe there are female player that do this, these things can occur to anyone. Even male baseball players have done this from one time or another not just Jessica.  


  • Anonymous

    oh, are u stupid, don’t mess with us sones, don’t underestimate what we can do, and btw, she’s a freakin’ singer, what do you expect, =.=

  • Otglxnfj

    lol check out his other articles, barely any comments. If it wasn’t for jessica, no one would have posted anything. Not sure if that’s your style of writing or what, but have some respect for others man. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WWPHWQLXY7MWGICFHS6LG6YNTQ justaminute

    Any reasonable man with a sound mind who read this article know this is an insult. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WWPHWQLXY7MWGICFHS6LG6YNTQ justaminute

    Get your head out of the writer’s ass

  • http://twitter.com/laZCHAta Goo Jisoo ♥

    yes i agree that she cant pitch the ball well, I mean most SONES would agree with that.

    it’s just that the words used are offensive.
    it could have been written better. just saying

  • Eric Goldschein, Sportsgrid

    Hello everyone. I’m glad that has inspired so much passion among you.  Just a few things to clear up:

    1) If you click on the link for “strangest ceremonial first pitches,” you’ll see a post about a ceremonial first pitch from Japan. Hence, the line about “Asian countries,” not just one.
    2) Those mascots are lame.
    2) The rest, actually, I don’t care about. She seems like a perfectly fine person, but she can’t throw a baseball for shit. Sorry.

    Thank you all for your comments. We love feedback from our readers.

  • Shin

    All of these comments defending Jessica… I can’t.

    sone lulz is best lulz

  • Shin

    You shouldn’t even worry about addressing the fangirls trying to pitifully defend their idols.

    They’re always like this at the slightest bit of negative reaction to whatever they do, as if they can’t actually do any wrong.

    At least they’re making the views for this article go way up, if that’s ever tracked around here.

  • Twins

    The baseball team is called the Twins, what else is their mascot going to be? You’re an idiot

  • Tiana

    do you really have nothing else to report than a beloved singer throwing a ball? heaven effing forbid she not be a pro athlete. seriously, an article about the squirrels in your front yard not running fast enough would be more entertaining than this piece of crap.

  • Youmakemelaugh

    God, articles like this make me ashamed of being an American.

  • KeithOYS

    Don’t just look at the point where Jessica’s mistakes are. 
    Anybody who took a closer watch would have noticed the good amount of strength Jessica puts into her pitch. 
    Nevertheless, she was very well-mannered and still bowed despite being embarrassed already.
    The line I’d like to put through is that “Everybody has their first-bad encounter”. 

  • KeithOYS

    Listen up,
    Don’t just look at the point where Jessica’s mistakes are. Anybody who took a closer watch would have noticed the good amount of strength Jessica puts into her pitch. 
    Nevertheless, she was very well-mannered and still bowed despite being embarrassed already.
    Don’t bash poor Jessica who’s already upset about the throw. 
    Anyone dares to say you’ve never given a throw like that ever, before? C’mon.
    The line I’d like to put through is that “Everybody has their first-bad encounter”. 

  • Janysa Morales

    Lol this is a pathetic article. And now the SONEs come to crash it hahaha I want there to be the same article when an American celebrity effs up the opening pitch. Bet you won’t write an article about THAT, though.

  • Anonymous

    http://www.sportsgrid.com/mlb/john-wall-first-pitch-video/- Won’t write one like that, you mean?

  • Janysa Morales

    Broken link dude

  • Anonymous
  • Janysa Morales

    I meant an article that was written in a degrading manner. Yes there’s another article about a failing opening pitch but this writer was clearly trying to insult her.

  • Janysa Morales

    *slow clap* Way to represent America.

  • Fuck You Goldschein

    What the fuck do you not like about their mascots? You call them “lame’? You are calling what other countries have “lame” just because you don’t like them and print it on newspaper as if it’s a fact? A newspaper is not a personal blog or facebook where you can write whatever shit you want to write? Yes, what you wrote is a piece of shit. A smelly  have-no-respect uneducated american shit. This is not about Jessica. This is about you calling other countries ceremonial pitches strange. People like you make other good americans look bad you ignorant fucking asshole. These mascots look better than you, you fucking keyboard warrior chicken ass motherfucker.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YZA4JKIF4RZAX7WNTRVFEWRVB4 Anthony

    I thought her pitch was really cute, haha.
    I acknowledge that it was executed horribly, but how can you bash a lady like that? I was more focused on how cute it was rather than insulting her throw. 

    But at the end of the day, she’s still worth more than your life savings, so it’s all good.

  • Trini Almighty

    Sir, although everyone is entitled to their own opinions, the manner that you present them is what you should be wary of. The use of inappropriate language is what the netizens are angry about. Understanding that Jessica Jung is not be a professional and that these things happens, however you are clearly insulting her about it. In the end, Jessica took her mistake very well and with great sportsmanship.

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