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Insane Russian Youth Hockey Fight Is Four Different Kinds Of Chaos

If I know my Russian youth hockey fights, and I think I do, this one from a tournament in Novokuznetsk is the best of all time. And by best I mean worst. And by worst I mean most amazing.

It starts with one player pushing another with his stick, and then before you know it several separate skirmishes break out across the ice. The refs try to restore order, but just as they put out one fire, two more break out. Then it becomes the final fight scene in Gangs of New York.

There’s probably all kinds of stuff going on here I haven’t yet seen — and I’ve watched the video twice all the way through. Don’t miss the part at about the :50 mark when a red jersey player is punching a blue jersey player, and a blue jersey teammate comes flying in to help, sailing over red jersey, landing on his back and sliding to a stop several feet away.

And these kids look to be, what? Nine? Ten years old?

This is why we should never go to war with Russia. Our kids — experts on all the Harry Potter books. Russian kids — missing teeth, each with one eye swollen shut.

Too bad we can’t see the penalty box following this one. That’s a lot of young miscreants in hockey jail.

  • Bon

    Lol the kid in the white jersey is bulldozing kids

  • Anonymous

    Lol the kid in the white jersey is bulldozing kids

  • Anonymous


  • the power of red stars

    our rissian kids are strong,and yours are fat makdonalds!!!

  • Svart

    It’s hockey, all kids have protective gear, they are young and weak, they can’t punch strongly. It’s no missing teeth and swollen faces. I had seen similar fights – it’s fun. Parents on stands laugh looking that.

  • Louis Maione

    That kid looked like he broke his neck…..OMG!~

  • Elena

    That’s only your children are grown on the books about Harry Potter then come to school with guns and shooting their classmates.

  • Schmeisser

    First they fight each other on ice – then what? They will grow up as Putin’s little bloody bears and conquer Berlin once again? Who will stop KGB berserkers when Mother Russia unleash that hungry horde, huh? European lesbian community? Our handsome gay-marines with their highly-trained asses and tactical garter belts? Maybe our gaysident? God save us all!!!

  • тростин игорь

    conquer Berlin???? study history, you twat

  • Me Ted

    I don’t think Russians get it.

  • Anonymous

    I have to disagree.

    This is a very dirty fight as far as hockey fights go. There’s a kid hitting another from behind with a hockey stick to the head, there’s another kid ramming his helmetless opponent head-first into the ice, and attacking from behind is the norm.

    This one is actually not only pretty dangerous from the hockey point of view, but remarkably unmanly.

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