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Jonathan Papelbon Made A Curious Comment About “Obama Taking Away Our Guns” When Asked About The Boston Marathon

Okay folks, let’s try an experiment here. Can we have a rational discussion about this story without it devolving into partisan bickering, personal attacks, conspiracy theories and other interwebz nonsense? Probably not, but oh well.

Here is an interview Jonathan Papelbon, current Phillies closer, did with the media yesterday about the Boston Marathon. Papelbon’s opinion is of note because he used to play for the Red Sox and used to live near the site of the bombings. He was asked if, as a major league baseball player in this day and age, he feels comfortable playing in front of large crowds. Here was his response (via 700Level.com):

It’s a shame, because he went on to say some nice things about Boston and reflection on his time there.

Now, here’s where the experiment comes in:

Can we all agree, regardless of your view on gun control, that “Obama taking our guns” (which… okay, right, sorry, I won’t get into it) was completely unrelated to the topic at hand? That the availability (or lack thereof) of firearms had nothing to do with the bombings taking place? And that, finally, the comment was a needless political dig?

Should “Obama taking our guns” be equated with the “crazy” things going on in the world? What do you think?


  • D.Fogs

    Must be how they say “I disagree with the liberal agenda” in Louisiana.

  • JBnID

    Obama IS trying to take our guns and that greatly contributes to the feelings of impending revolution. I don’t think the Boston bombing was part of it, but it sure raises the possibility.

  • Bob

    Are you the guy who wrote the article about the Louisville players holding up “guns” with KD? Would make a lot of sense if it was you…

  • Rang Dipkin

    Feelings of impending revolution? As someone who disagrees with the idea of more gun control, language like that makes it easier for liberal media to write us off as “gun nuts” so please stop.

  • Nomahhh

    He’s a peice of shit

  • Nomahhh

    And I hope he has google alerts and reads this
    HEY PAPSHMERE go fuck yourself you suck

  • JBnID

    I’m just reporting what I see and hear, even among those with no dog in the fight. The steamrolling of American Rights will stop, hopefully by elections.

  • Anonymous

    Hope the next time you talk to your shrink, you tell him “what (you) see and hear,” and make sure you throw in some black helicopters to make it complete. BTW, I hear tin foil is on sale.

  • blahblahblah777

    I think he’s just saying that in this time it is scary to be in the center of crowded areas since there is a lot of danger in the world pretty much every where you go; there are wars going on, mass shootings, and mass explosions. And then on top of that Obama is fighting for gun control which will make it immensely more difficult for people to get fire arms to protect themselves. Whomever is reading this comment should read the NYSAFE Act–the actual bill, not just about it–and see what they are using to determine criminals and dangerously mentally ill.

  • Tess

    Typical moron jock; here’s a coherent thought: no one cares what you think, Papelshite, now or ever. Shut up & throw the ball

  • Tess

    Yes, like the right to go to kindergarten without fearing for your life. That’s the right that matters

  • puhlease…

    Agree or disagree, he is a professional athlete that spoke about something political. Always going to piss off half the viewers/readers when you do that. Why is this even a blog post on this site, too much attention given to it already…

  • JBnID

    You have the right to self protection. Cops write reports about what went wrong. It’s up to YOU.

  • Anonymous

    Evidence, please. How is Obama trying to take away our guns? Name ONE thing he has done, which tells you that confiscation is being planned?

    Remember, just because something comes out of your mouth, doesn’t mean it
    should be listened to.

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