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Tiny UFC Fighter Beats Up Giant UFC Fighter In Classic Comedy Cavalcade

Move over, Laurel and Hardy.

I admit I don’t really get UFC. I don’t get why people do it, I don’t get why people are into straight-up brutality. I don’t get how this is somehow better than boxing, which isn’t that great itself.

But I do get why people would be into the circus sideshow/Seinfeld B-plot that was this fight between 5’10″ Mark Hunt and 7′ Stefan Struve. And just as in Seinfeld, Struve got his Kramer-looking self brutally beaten by the Mickey-esque Hunt.

Take a look for yourself with the video from Fox Sports:

via Deadspin

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Valdez/1806887704 Steven Valdez

    I wouldn’t characterize Mark Hunt as tiny, he’s short, but he’s a heavyweight and has knocked out a lot of people taller than him. Would you characterize Mike Tyson as tiny? Btw Mark Hunt broke Struve’s jaw..

  • kurt

    Well you are obviously lacking a competitive drive. you are almost certainly a beta. you should give some thought to the idea of what competition is. and by the way Mark hunt is biggerthan Stefan struve

  • steve

    hunt weighs more than strive you clown

  • itstime

    Joe levin callate wey…..

  • REALLY?!

    Joe levin probably doesn’t get it because he doesn’t wanna re-live the ass whoopin he got as a kid lol

  • http://twitter.com/mmawesome mmawesome

    “I admit I don’t really get UFC.” Then why are you writing a blog post about it? Also, take a little time to work on that grammar, homeboy.

  • joe levine get a real job

    so you’re writing about a sport you have no clue about? So why even write about it? Do you realize that size does not determine much but the weight class of a fighter does? You should understand that from boxing. Yes Struve and Hunt are mismatched in height but they are both in the heavy weight class. More importantly you claim that mixed martial arts is not better than boxing, which is your own valid opinion but do you understand the submission ground game of this sport, or the kickboxing element? Those many have not been present in this fight but exist in most other fights. Do your homework and learn a sport before criticizing it

  • Dana White

    Was your last job at Mcdonalds ? or maybe you are just a valued customer. Either way you are a terrible journalist. You probably wet the bed excessively as a child and maybe still as you are becoming a man(debatable)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/X3SP2WT76VVB2WGOUPD25XZV7M Irishwhiskey

    LOL Joe Levine is an idiot.

  • I don’t like your article.


  • Dixie Normus

    Kill yourself.

  • Mitch

    Hunt is a Giant too… 265lbs. There’s more to him than Struve.

    Don’t write about sports you clearly don’t understand, Maybe you should stick to golf and tennis dude.

  • Joe Levine besmokinmeatcigars

    3/10 on the troll job bozo. At least you’ll get a few hits when all the MMA fans share your inane article.

  • danypresure

    Damn if I was a reporter, I would quit after writing something so stupid. You are OFFICIALLY not good at this.

  • dilla

    Lol shitty article, from a shitty “writer” WORK ON THAT GRAMMAR SON!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mickey.reyes.10 Mickey Reyes

    Joe Levine you should be ashamed of yourself. How could you call yourself a journalist of sports with such a small mind. Mark Hunt is a legend in kickboxing and a good MMA fighter. The man won the most prestigious kickboxing tournament in the world years ago and is amazingly still active. I would advice you to look at some film and go grapple at a jujitsu school somewhere so you can get you ass handed to you by a feeble 120 pound girl.

  • Anonymous

    Stefan Struve fights like a moron. What the hell is wrong with that dude?

  • Anonymous

    So you know nothing about MMA and you decide to write an article about it? Why don’t you make an article about hopscotch or whatever crappy shit you are into? You know nothing about MMA so don’t put your invalid, shitty opinion on the internet.

    My advice to you Joe Levine is to STFU and don’t give your opinion on something you clearly know NOTHING about. Your journalism is a circus act, clearly.-

  • OBJ

    Wow this guy is a tool

  • Chabucabra

    Hey, you. Yeah you. YOU SUCK!

  • jfreeeman53

    Who’s the clown that wrote this article?

  • Overtkill

    hahahaha, you have NO BUSINESS writing about any combat sport. You don’t get UFC? Or why people do it? It’s MMA not UFC you clueless hack, UFC is a company, MMA is the sport. It’s like if I said I really don’t get the sport of NBA instead of Basketball.

  • evan

    for your information mr writer mark hunt is a high level kickboxer that weighs the same as struve your comments are ignorent it does not make you sound cultured you sound bitter and imature if you want your silly little web site to be taken seriose try being the slighests bit educated on the sports your writing about heavy weights come in all shapes an sizes that fight was no more brutal than scott stevens hammering guys on the en ice LT crippiling guys back in the day ray lewis mowing guys over on the line or any lacross game i have ever seen where the stick they are using to play the game is being used as a weapon stick to covering soccer basketball baseball tennis darts lawnbowling ping pong since you have suck a problem with [physcal contact] brutality

  • evan

    ps i think it is pathetic you have to use this as a headline you troll so you can get hits on your shitty website i also think its shitty that you have to put down an athelte like mark hunt who is a true athlete and warrior who fought his heart out like he has his entire carreer he is a soft spoken humble guy not some jacked up roid monkey asshole that thinks the world owes him something and weather you like mma kickboxing shoot fighting if you are a fan of sports you should show him a little respect for what he acomplished in life i wish the majority of high level mma fighters were a buch of head case macho bully brutes like you try to protray them as,at least for a moment anyway that way after reading this they would find you an slap the shit out of you for writing such a troll job of an article to make up for such a complete lack of writing ability

  • Rajesh Dhawan

    Mickey-esque? Which Mickey mouse did you see while growing up?

  • Gil Avalos

    It’s not the size of the dog that matters it’s the fight in the dog that gets the job done.

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