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Watch This Girl Completely Dominate A Boys Youth Football League

This is Sam Gordon. She plays (American) football in a boys’ youth league. Based on the raw numbers given (1,911 yards, 8.2 yards per carry, 35 scores), she plays very, very well in that league. But does the tape suggest the same sort of dominance? Well, not quite… because based on the highlight video below, Gordon is basically Gale Sayers:

“Wow! Sam you look like Barry Sanders,” said one person commenting on the clip above, and if you watched it, you can see why: she made defenders look pretty much invisible. And as the “taking a hit” section plainly demonstrates (it starts at the 3:20 mark if you didn’t make it that far the first time around), it’s not like the boys were just taking it easy on her. In fact, you might cringe a little at seeing kids – no matter the gender – taking hits like some of the ones Gordon does. But as the ensuing “making a hit” section of the video plainly shows, she gives as good as she gets.

We’re not sure how old the kids in this league are – they look pretty young. But at the end of the video, the message is clear: “See you next year, boys!” Sounds like her football-playing days are far from over. We’d be more nervous for her opponents. And hopefully these videos documenting her on-field exploits keep coming out every year.

[The Big Lead]


    She’s just AWESOME!!! AWE.SOME!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/holger.aurisch Holger Aurisch

    Way to go girl!!!

  • Douglas

    damn that girls got an insane stride and run form maybe during the off season throw her on a track team i bet she could do some serious damage there

  • Barry Sanders

    She is good but i would beat her.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if she was older she could have helped Herriman get past East.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-AuCoin/100001008383525 David AuCoin

    What a sexist title! Every article writen on the web about Sam Gordon features the fact that she dominated the boys as if this is the most important ellement of her exploits. Anything to glorify girls is all the rage today. Nobody seems to mind the fact that boys are being rediculed. I thought women were opposed to sexism but the title below screams sexism.
    “Watch This Girl Completely Dominate A Boys Youth Football League”

    So I am going to do something no other one has done. I am going to do the unthinkable. I am actualy going to defend the boys instead of rediculing them the way everyone else is. Think I can’t just watch me burst all your bubles and show you why what Gordon did was realy what she should have been able to do and in fact all girls should easily dominate so called boys at their ages.Why? Because girls are a good five years ahead of boys in maturation.

    Sam Gordon the eight year old girl of whom it is claimed out shined all the boys while playing on an alleged boy foot ball team actually did no such thing! If truth be known she did not out play boys because she was not playing on a boy team.First off when a girl is playing on an alleged boy team it ceases to be a boy team and become a co-ed team. So lets start with some good old fashion honesty.

    Secondly lets introduce some facts. All the players were girls.Why? Because Until a boy develops testosterone around 13 years of age he is a girl and actually a weaker girl than most girls are. Real girls mature a good 5 years earlier than a so called boy. In reality there is no such thing as a boy. Boys don’t really exist! The term boy identifies a special type of girl that under the influence of testosterone can metamorphose into a male in much the same way as a Caterpillar can metamorphose into a butterfly.

    Surprised you didn’t I?. Already your starting to suspect that I can make a very resonable case for why Gordon’s domination of them should have been anticipated and it was realy no big deal.

    These specialized females refereed to as “boys” in our society are until coming under the influence of testosterone are no different than real girls. Yes Sam Gordon deserves alot of credit but not because she out played the boys that don’t exist in reality but because she out played all the other girls! All you people marveling over a girl out performing boys are doing so in ignorance. Things aren’t always as they appear to be and this is one such instance.

    You should not be making a big deal over a girl out performing something that really doesn’t exist. As the videos of her out maneuvering the nonexistent boys is only proof that she being a real girl was matched up against mostly inferior females who don’t become boys until around 13 yrs of age. woman bragging about how Superior you think girls are because Sam Gordon out played all the other girls on her team should realize that all the so called “boys” were a good 5 years behind her in maturity. In short there is nothing spectacular about real girls beating the weaker girls known as boys. Its a wonder it doesn’t happen more often. And it will start happening more often now that girls are starting to realize they are the stronger gender until the specialized girls become males.

    But once you realize the truth of what I have just told you it should be easy to get all real girls to easily defeat all alleged boy teams. In short real girls have a big advantage over alleged boys(specialized girls) until the girl is transformed into a real boy at about the age of 25. Until than boys are as femine as the girls. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Free of what? Ignorance of not knowing boys don’t exist.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mattrud Matt Rudnitsky

    100% Correct. Hence the absence of any “males” in middle school, high school and college football, as well as the National Football League.

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