Shaq Reminds Charles Barkley He Kissed A Dick On The Mouth

  • Eric Goldschein

charles dickI’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again: “NBA on TNT” is the best show on television. You can keep your “Games of Thrones” and your “Mad Mens” and your “Good Wives” and your “How Your Mom Died After I Met Her,” and leave me these four dudes sitting around a table talking shit, and sometimes basketball.

Last night set a new bar for insanity, when Shaquille O’Neal reminded Charles Barkley about the time he kissed referee Dick Bavetta on the mouth — by saying “You kissed [d]ick on the mouth.” It pretty much blew up the rest of the segment, and made the guys wonder if they’d have jobs after the commercial break (programming note: to our knowledge, they still do).



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