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Surfer Unknowningly Films Huge Great White Shark Hovering Around Her

Check out what this girl caught on her (hopefully) waterproof camera as she swam out to her friend at L.A.’s Manhattan Beach. Football may have the concussions thing, but surfing takes the cake for “Most Dangerous Sport” because of stuff like this.

  • PAUL

    Yet even MORE PROOF that The Great White Shark is very intelligent and knows exactly “WHO” WE ARE!! And they also know that we are way too bony and just aren’t worth the effort or energy to even bother eating. And maybe, just maybe, the ones that “DO” attack, sometimes are the one’s that REMEMBER being caught and pulled aboard big ships and tagged, needles stuck in them for blood samples, clipping of skin etc, cut off them for testing etc. and maybe, just MAYBE, they…remembering these traumatic altercations WITH MAN, sometimes bite us when we’re in the water, tlo kind of tell us, “I REMEMBER YOU, your a man, and your hurt me, I could hardly breath on that damm ship of yours, you cut samples out of me, tagged me, put an electronic device on my back and dorsal fin and traumatized me, “NOW ITS PAYBACK FOR YOU TOO…..THIS IS MY OCEAN WHERE “I” LIVE, NOT YOU…out here, I’M THE BOSS AND DON’T YOU EVER FORGET IT…..little man”!!!! Who knows…..right? It’s a possibility they “DO REMEMBER” us and what we’ve put them through?

  • PAUL

    And maybe, just maybe, the poor Great White remembers while being tagged on board large ships, the oxygen being CUT-OFF TO THEIR BRAIN before man even stuck a hose in his mouth, maybe he remembers ALMOST DYING or GOING BRAIN DEAD from “LACK OF OXYGEN”, before the hose was even jammed in his mouth. If I remembered this, “Trust me, I’d want a little PAY BACK TOO”!! A nice bite or two out of man, not to kill him, but to show him “WHO’S THE REAL BOSS Of THE SEA”!! You never know? And other times, sure, maybe cloudy water, mistaking man on a surf board above for a seal, sure, maybe. Or any of the other diagnosed by experts reasons, but I’m just saying, “Maybe we shouldn’t rule out the traumatic remembrance of being tagged and tested aboard big ships in their lifetime either? Animals “DO” remember things and “DO” know who man is, so how can we rule this possibility out?

  • PAUL

    If you hit a dog or a cat, they remember this right?? Well then…..”Why not a Great White Shark remembering something traumatic happening to him too”??

  • Gandhi Warhol

    “Surfers are modern day gladiators”
    - http://www.SurfingUniverse.com

  • ninjasandpurp .

    Your funny man…I agree with you…but your funny. ” And maybe..just maybe..” lololol

  • Bruce Lee

    Dude seriously? Yes, they absolutely know we aren’t their normal prey, but that doesn’t mean they’re taking revenge…SERIOUSLY? They’re an apex predator! Look at a lion, a grizzly, we aren’t the normal prey of either yet do they eat people at times? Absolutely.
    It is not a matter of malicious intent nor mistaken identity, attacks are the result of somebody screwing around in an incredibly unmerciful environment and being unlucky enough to have been targeted by an enormous natural killing machine.

    (As for the lack of attacks in situations like this, it helps if you know they don’t feed every day, they may not for several.)

    Animals aren’t people,

  • pg11566

    Dude seriously? Is your name really Bruce Lee? Lol. Cheers back at ya. :-)

  • pg11566

    And even the marine biologists know very little about sharks and I would like to hear from them if Great White Sharks Can remember traumatic events That have happened to them in the past Before I just take your word for it. I have been studying sharks for many years…. Ever since I was a kid.. Because I am fascinated by them… Yet I still kept saying maybe and perhaps All throughout my above comments. I don’t think the marine biologist even know though I would love to hear what they have to say about this??

  • robert dunmeyer

    the water is too calm this look fake

  • rob dunmeyer

    you are out of your mind. another goofy faggot who thinks like a child.. they attack people like crocodiles do and need to be killed since they keep attacking humans after their first attack.

  • Tommy Bowes

    Manhattan beach has had alot of great whites lately .,i was there in august and we all had to get out of water cuz 2 gw were in area .

  • denner

    Yea, but that shark was none too happy, nor relaxed. Very fortunate. They are individuals in personality and very inquisitive. They are their in their natural habitat. As far as the Elasmobranchologists they are serving to study and understand the shark for it’s preservation. Maybe the shark can figure that one out.

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