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‘The Crash Reel’ Documentary Sheds Light On The Horrific Injuries Of Extreme Sports

Kevin Pearce and Shaun White were the Magic and Bird of the snowboarding world. Then the law off averages caught up to the lesser famous of them — because repeatedly jumping upwards of 47 feet in the air out of an ice tube is, not surprisingly, incredibly dangerous. Even for the best in the world.

[Onlyagame.com] “I tried the trick and ended up coming down on my front edge and resulted in slamming my head to the sheer ice half pipe and left me in a coma,” said Pearce. “So it was pretty intense.”

After December 31, 2009, Kevin Pearce became, among other things, a case study. He didn’t open his eyes for 10 days after the accident. His first memory came a month later.

“At the time his eyes were looking different directions,” said Lucy Walker. “He couldn’t remember from one minute to the next meeting me, so he’d keep reintroducing himself.”

The Crash Reel is a film about Pearce’s life before and after crash, and more broadly, about the dangers of extreme sports. As news slowly trickles out about the emergence of helmets for pitchers in the major leagues — a professional sport where only one person has died playing it in 150 years — you can only assume that the spotlight on an activity like freestyle half-pipe snowboarding will continue to grow with concerns over athlete safety.

“It’s mesmerizing. It’s dazzling and acrobatic. They’re inventing it as they go along. It couldn’t be more thrilling,” said Lucy Walker, the director of The Crash Reel. “But there’s a big part of me that sees what they are doing and knows that the stakes are life and death.”

H/T Uproxx

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