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The Videos Of Kate Upton’s ‘Zero Gravity’ Photo Shoot For SI Are Amazing

kate upton zero gYep, the SI Swimsuit edition is out, and we can’t help but notice (despite the gorgeous photos of some fantastic athletes gracing the pages) that Kate Upton is a big part of it. She’s been a staple of the issue since being named “Rookie of the Year” in 2011. But the magazine one-upped itself big time by putting Upton on a plane and shooting her in zero-g.

The videos alone, putting aside the final product, are insane. While Upton herself is mesmerizing, watching an entire film crew float around while trying to capture the perfect shot is laugh out loud funny. Check out all the clips below.

Here she is back on Earth. Still pretty good:

  • Wes M.

    She’s very pretty but might get boring on a space trek. Not much going on in those eyes except manipulation with the bambi look. Sex-ploitation selling magazines and space. How primitive.

  • Dirk D.

    I remember my first enlightened, opinionated post…

    Don’t be an over-sensitive tool. She’s amazing, you wouldn’t have a second thought to taking her on a space flight. End of story.

  • Guest

    without meeting here and talking to her you have no right to form an opinion, oh, you already did, tells me a bit about you

  • Dirk Byrd

    without meeting her, and speaking to her, you have no right to form an opinion, oh, I see that you already did, tells me a bit about you

  • shut up wes

    shaddap will ya? we get it, you’re sophisticated. what were you expecting?

  • Anonymous

    Completely awesome video.. Guess blondes really do have more fun..lol

  • Anonymous

    How much do you want to bet that Wes M. is not blonde and blue eyed?

  • Ron Burgandy

    shut up Wes Mantooth your just pissed of that you came in second in the ratings to channel 4 news team like alway

  • d clark

    Neil Armstrong, eat your heart out!

  • Anonymous

    congratulations on being a sexist misogynist douchebag

  • Anonymous

    Models need curves. I can’t stand these women with sucked in cheeks, look like twigs, and no tits. Uugh. Go eat a cheeseburger and a milkshake. Because damn.

    Kate, you are irreplaceable and making these modeling executives rethink the idea of thin and beauty.

  • http://minaisarmed.blogspot.com/ Mina Smith

    Beautiful young girl!! An inspiration.

  • John


  • Anonymous

    You know you have a hot body when the world will do stuff like this just to see how you look in it.

  • Frank N Stein

    I would hit that @ss hard!

  • BennyIsMyNameBeerIsMyGame

    Her boobs are huge.Seriously.That must be like a triple D or something.Huge.

  • redlion!


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