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This Oregon Softball Shortstop Has No Regard For Human Life

Enjoy the slow-mo replays in all their glory. As you can see, Oregon SS Kelsey Chambers is attempting to turn a double play. But after she steps on second base and rears back to sling the ball to first, Tennessee baserunner Lauren Gibson doesn’t slide. And thus we arrive at the ball-to-the-face conclusion.

It’s difficult to determine the best part of this play. Is it the fact that Chambers, without hesitation, threw the ball into Gibson’s face from less than five feet away? Is it Gibson’s non-reaction following the play? Or is it the subsequent explanation by the ESPN announcers (which is worth listening to)? The batter, Madison Shipman, is ruled out because it’s the runner’s (Gibson’s) responsibility to get out of the way, even if she had minimal time to slide or change direction. But, as our resident softball expert, CJ Fogler, notes, Gibson never leaves the base path, so blame should be placed on the fielder. We’re going to blame Chambers, the shortstop, because, you know, she callously threw the ball into someone’s face from point blank range.

Anyway, this is why they wear face masks.

Video via CJ Fogler

  • RipCitylegend

    Your post makes me feel like you don’t understand the rule. In all levels of amutuer baseball and softball there is a rule known as slide to avoid. This is the same rule in question here. It basically says for the safety of the runner and the fielder the runner must come into the bag in a slide of avoiding the fielder by leaving the basebath, failure to do so is ruled and out and a potential interference call as
    Was made today. If the runner had slid like she should of he would of not been hit and the runner are first would of most likely been safe. This is not about the shortstop this is about the runner not protecting herself by trying to stay big and disrupt the play.

  • Anonymous

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  • Bob

    You apparently no nothing about softball…So one has to ask the question, why are you writing this article???  It is the runners obligation to slide or avoid interfering with the throw at all costs and at all times for both baseball and softball.  This is nothing new!!!  Softball is so fast, that a double play is actually VERY RARE!!!  The shortstop has to throw as quickly as she possibly can in order to turn two.  If the base runner is so stupid as to not even attempt to get out of the way, then guess what??  She gets NAILED and it’s HER OWN FAULT!!!!!

  • BGM

    The vicious attack by the press on Oregon’s shortstop is unfair and inexcusable; she was doing what she was there to do, trying for the double play. It was the Tennessee player’s responsibility to get out of the way; she failed to do that and the umpires made a fair call. 

    This is another example of how ignorant the press can be – shame on you for not putting the blame where it belongs.


  • Roy

    Next time take time to educate yourself before writing such a ridiculous article…So obvious you know nothing about softball and were never an athlete. So hard to believe there are such ignorant people pretending to be writers. The heading is hilarious. I would suggest you keep your day job.

  • TDH

    I agree with all of the above, it is obvious from the title you wanted to grab the attention of readers and not really write about softball, just how many hits you get is what is important. I can see your ego took a hit not to many responses, just shows you don’t know the game or the rules. This is hard to say sometimes, but the officials got it right!
    Wake up, learn the rules. The SS was doing her job and she did it fantastically throughout the tournament.

  • Patrick

    Good God, that base runner could have been KILLED. That shortstop has absolutely no regard for life, human or otherwise. I got special access to her Facebook account and there are pictures of her FISHING! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! She is maliciously putting a worm on a hook and pulling these poor, scaled creatures from their homes and EATING THEM!!! Their scaled spouses will be sitting alone at the dinner table with their fish children waiting for their beloved parent AND IT WON’T BE THERE! THE CHILDREN WILL GO HUNGRY WAITING FOR ITS DEAD PARENT! The horror! Also, there’s a picture of her doing community service and weeding an overgrown inner city park. SHE IS TEARING THESE LIVING WEEDS OUT OF THE GROUND!!!!!!! No respect for life whether it be human, animal, or plant…absolutely pathetic!

    Oh, and one more thing…if you didn’t see the sarcasm in what I wrote, you are the dumbest person on Earth.

    By the way, Dylan Murphy, you’re an idiot. How you got into Columbia is beyond me. It certainly makes me re-evaluate my list of schools to apply to for my MBA.

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