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This Time, A North Dakota Player Lost It In The Handshake Line

One of hockey’s best traditions is the handshake line. After a weekend series, playoff series, etc. teams will line up in their entirety to shake hands in a show of sportsmanship. North Dakota’s Ben Blood didn’t get the memo.

After last night’s clean and hard fought one goal game in which Danny Kristo’s hit from behind and temper tantrum were the only ugly incidents, tonight’s game was quite different for both squads. The Gophers and North Dakota (who are no longer the Fighting Sioux) resumed their weekend series and after the Gophers earned a 4 goal lead the frustration set in, which included some bad penalties by both teams and an ejection for Minnesota’s Mark Alt for an illegal hit from behind into the boards. The game ended with a shoving match in which you’ll see a linesman accidently knock Blood down getting him away from Minnesota’s Seth Ambroz. The evening closed when Blood pushed Kyle Rau and was tied up by Ambroz in the handshake line, something that pretty much defeats the purpose, and prompted both coaches to pull their players off the ice.

While it’s a shame that this great rivalry will be lost when Minnesota leaves the WCHA to join the new Big Ten hockey conference and North Dakota goes to the new National Collegiate Hockey Conference, it might actually be safer in the long run. Of course, these two teams could easily meet in the conference tournament in a few months…

  • guest

    Of course Blood’s got an A-  shining example of what UND hockey is- cheap, dirty, punkish assholes.

  • Arcticman

    Cowboy you silly gopher fans.  Even though Blood is the biggest player on the ice he is not going to take lightly being cheap-shotted after the final horn goes off.  Maybe you missed it because your tiny flee bitten minds can’t take too much information in at on time however Blood was mauled after the horn.  I guess that’s OK when the Minnesota mighty mites commit an offense but any other team can’t touch their perfect players.  Sounds like tennis might be a sport more to your liking and delicate nature.

  • Bjugstad Is Better Than You

    Blood did get cheap shotted (not mauled), but it was after he shot the puck into Ambroz at the horn (legally but completely classless).  Then instead of going after the guy that did it (Buddish, I believe) or waiting until he got to Ambroz he goes after the smallest guy on the ice.  I’m going to guess that outside of blindly loyal siou…i mean Nameless Team From North Dakota fans, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that follows college hockey and doesn’t think blood is one of the dirtiest, cheapest players in the game.  Doing s**t like that during the handshake should get you an automatic suspension.

  • Arcticman

    My loyalty is to the great sport of hockey.  You hate Blood for being big and skilled, and by far one of the cleanest players on the ice.  You’d be hard pressed to find any Gooph fan to admit it, but that’s all right.  Hard pressed to find honesty from any Gooph fan either.  I’d rather be blindly loyal (which I am not) than stupidly loyal, btw.  Doesn’t matter anyway, the Goophs are a .500 team since Oct. and it shows.  Have a good one.

  • Hockeyfan_mn1973

    Put down the whatever you are smoking or drinking pal. It was the handshake. Unlike your classless fans we have younger players who look to these college programs as examples. And oh – nice job kristo – the whole hockey community is talking about hits from behind and you completely lay a guy out (and throw the extra high elbow for good measure). Classless, although I will say it was much different under blais. I would have left too with all the drunken classes idiots* that have been recruited lately
    *See Kristo, Danny

  • Bjugstad Is Better Than You

    Wow arcticman….Blood is the most penalized player in the WCHA this year; damn shame that they penalize ‘clean’ play like that.  And I’ll save you the hassle of checking your facts, Seth Helgeson is tied with him, but if anyone claimed that Helgeson was a clean player I’d laugh at them too.
    Way to show your blind loyalty…or stupid loyality…or both.

  • GophersSuck

    Gophers suck sh*t

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBX3ZLT5XKNZDOL2YZHPVX27VI STEVEN P

    I thought the ‘A’ on Blood’s sweater stood for Asshole,but then all the Susans would be wearing them. If you get you butt kicked all over the Ralph for 60 minutes,respond by cheap-shotting the smallest opponent on the ice after the game is over. LOL

  • Fracas

    I didn’t watch the game, but all I can add is that when the game is over, the game is over.  Shake hands and act like a man.    There is no excuse for doing what Blood did, even if he feels he somehow got slighted during the game.  

  • GFL

    Articman, I curious if you wrote your bantering in crayon before you type it?

  • guest

    It was Jake Hansen that came off the bench and delivered the wood chopper to the calves of Blood from  behind…  and then skated away without identifying himself …

  • guest

    .. also notice the Hansen was in front of Rau in the handshake line in front of Rau ..  With his head down..   as he shakes hands with Blood…   I wonder what was said ?

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