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VideoWeird But True

Excessive Celebrations: The Tom Brady Girlish Squeal At The Kentucky Derby Edition

We hate to rag on seemingly good people for squealing like they just got accepted into their first choice sorority, but Tom Brady is a millionaire Super Bowl champion and Gisele is his lady, so whatever: Tom Brady squealed and started a bro-dog pile at the Kentucky Derby. It was weird. Cute, but weird.

Brady reportedly wagered $4700 on Derby-winner Orb, so he had every right to be ecstatic. I guess I just didn’t expect Brady’s ecstatic to sound quite like this — he is the manliest man in the manliest sport in America, after all:

Did we see Tedy Bruschi and Wes “Sorry Bro, I’m Gonna Go Play With Peyton Manning Now” Welker in there as well? I guess they don’t mind that their one-time leader sounds like a junior high school girl at a Taylor Swift concert.

Gisele, if you’re in the market for a real man, I grunt in a very manly fashion when I do my squat thrusts and celebrate important milestones by nodding my head curtly — a grim smile on my face — and returning to the task at hand. So, there’s my resume for you.

[Big Lead Sports]

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