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This Is What Happens In A World Where Miley Cyrus Almost Wins Time’s ‘Person Of The Year’

Pope Francis ended up on the cover of Time Magazine’s “Person Of The Year” edition, which is all well and good. Here’s the list of the other nominees:

President Obama, NSA leaker Edward Snowden, Syria President Bashar Assad, Iran President Hassan Rouhani, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, gay rights activist Edith Windsor and Miley Cyrus.

Which one of those names doesn’t quite belong? Presidents, game-changers, activists, entrepreneurs, and the girl that rubbed her ass on another person’s genitals in public. Surely that choice had nothing to do with grabbing some extra page views (just like this post isn’t doing the same).

But before we write off Miley Cyrus as completely inconsequential, consider her true impact. Is anyone still talking about those annoying NSA leaks anymore? How about the use of chemical weapons in Syria? Meanwhile, here’s a West Virginia basketball fan twerking in her seat, and her fellow fans throwing money at her (via Busted Coverage):

She was almost thrown out, but reportedly the crowd chanted “Let her stay!” long enough for security to relent.

Did anyone care that WVU lost to Gonzaga? Nope. It’s all about the chick in nosebleeds, shaking her ass for money. While you may not consider West Virginia to be the golden standard of culture and class, it’s probably the most American state in America. Where else can you legally have sex with any animal under 40 pounds? [Update: You can also do this in Washington State. h/t reader Floyd.]

  • Bobbie Riffle


  • John J Coltrain

    What she’s doing isn’t any worse that what the WVU sanctioned dance team is doing on the court right behind her…….agree?

  • WV

    First and foremost if you want to make accusations about West Virginians have the documents to back it up. Where’s the legal citation that provides that it’s legal to have sex with animals? Not that it concerns me whether or not it’s legal. Sure shows your credibility.

  • Floyd

    Hey Eric Goldschein, “….you may not consider West Virginia to be the golden standard of culture and class…” , neither are you. And to answer the last question in the article: Washington State asshole.

  • Rachel

    Was that last paragraph really necessary? I think your article would’ve been decent without your ignorant comment.

  • Paula

    The thing of it all is…she is not from West Virginia…she is only going to school there…so please this is not about West Virginians!!!!

  • WV

    I agree Floyd! If that last paragraph wasn’t stated the article would have been decent. Bashing only makes the Uncredible. Pretty sad Americans Or West Virginians Can’t go out and enjoy them selves without getting bashed by some tightwad.

  • Eric Goldschein

    Hail to Pitt.

  • Eric Goldschein
  • Bob Toddler

    I took her home after the game and she was even more adventurous between the sheets.

  • Leah Frame

    excuse me!!! but I’m from west Virginia and truth be known this was probably an out of state student that goes to wvu!!! so your snide comments about west Virginians really tic me off!!! sure we have some unclassy people but not all.of us are!!! we are lime any other.state where you have your unclassy people kind of like the unclassy people that judge a whole state by the actions of one!!! seriously like people from California don’t have unclassy people!!! I’m going to share this article with all my west virginal friends and then you with see the response you get!!! I think this article is a disgrace to the writer who feels its ok to judge a whole state. it shows your ignorance just like the idiots that ask me oh is that near Richmond…when I say I from west Virginia ….and I’m like no you idiot that’s a different state. so who’s the moron now!!!!

  • Eric Goldschein

    Please share this! Thanks for reading and writing, Leah.

  • Michael barcus

    Come to west by god Virginia and say that on any mainstreet, wv. Especially MINE (GRAFTON, WV). Bet yout don’t make it back to your little computer for your next dead line. OH and i hope you realize how many American soldiers hail from this great state they call ALMOST HEAVEN. You my good sir are a true American reject … This is one dumbass little girl who does not in any way represent this state.

  • Jenny Murphy

    I starting to think Pope Francis has jumped the shark…

  • WV Student

    A lot of the people that attend West Virginia University are from out of state, so making generalizations about the entire state from this one video is ignorant. West Virginia is a wonderful and beautiful state, and the University has other qualities and features other than a crazy party culture.

  • Michelle

    It’s the remarks to the criticising comments that show just how juvenile this writer actually is. I agree with the sentiment of the article overall, but the last 2 sentences were completely unnecessary and prejudiced. The fact of the matter is this could have happened anywhere in the country and the point still would have gotten across to the readers.

  • Jake O’Donnell

    Ya, Troops and stuff!

  • Jake O’Donnell

    Wouldn’t have been funny, though. Everyone else laughed. Get a sense of humor.

  • Michelle

    I have a sense of humour, just not when it paints my home in such a derogatory manner.

  • Rob F.

    You do realize that posting this about a girl, who really is probably from any state other than West Virginia, and trashing the state (and it’s people) is libel right? You bring up a dumb law, when every state has dumb laws. I was born and raised in Morgantown, WV. I have not, nor will I ever have sex with an animal. I also will not twerk or display any other action that may cause a bad representation of my home. I am sure that the majority of people living in West Virginia would agree that they are not represented by what this one girl did at a basketball game. This is sloppy and trashy journalism. You disgrace any person in the field of journalism. I see you stated “Hail to Pitt” which tells me that you are writing an extremely biased article. I am also questioning your intelligence due to the fact that this article was placed in the “Video Game” section. You are one of the major problems with this country: bad and incomplete journalism. You write for shock value to get your name out there. As a combat veteran, I question what exactly I was fighting for when I see trash media like this.

  • WvU born n raised

    Let the girl twerk what’s it any of your concern at all?? Your fucking 12 year old daughter is prob doing the same thing in school so get a grip asshole!! And as far as fucking animals you better bitch at your dad because he fucked the pig of a mother u piece of shit go the fuck back to ur state and not worry about what’s going on in this wonderful state!! With that being said twerk it girl!!!

  • Mark May is your hero

    I like how the whole last paragraph was completely off topic. Which makes you a terrible writer. I did laugh though. Lol

  • Logan C.

    I will laugh at the fact that you took a cheap shot at my home state haha.. If I was writing, I would also try to find something dumb to say for any other state that had this happen. For example, if I see a BYU fan doing something like this, I would joke about a mormon, etc.. Nothing against BYU, just brings a laugh to the end of a story. Laugh at it my fellow West Virginians, we made the news for some dumb slut. Lord knows we have tons of sexy gals that dont do this ;) Soak up the mountains we see every day because I promise there are a bunch of sorry folks out there that will never have what we do, even if we do have sex with animals (JOKING)

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