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The Latest Batch Of Paulina Gretzky Photos, With Accompanying Creepy Comments To Make You Feel Less Creepy

Folks, it’s time to once again check in on our favorite sports-related lady, Paulina Gretzky. Based on how well posts like these do, it looks like many of you are already familiar with her. For those who don’t know, she’s the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, and she seems dead set on sending her father to an early grave by way of posting scandalous photos to social media outlets. She’s also dating Dustin Johnson.

Paulina has been up to her usual antics — i.e., making us all feel like creeps as we oogle her in various states of undress. So to ease your troubled mind, we’ve included our favorite (read: least-favorite) creepy comments left on her Instagram page from each photo. That way you can rest easy, knowing at least one person out there is, at the very least, creepier than you. (Unless you are the author of one of these comments. In which case, ew.)

These are recent photos: They start with one taken yesterday and go back about six weeks. That’s about as far as we were willing to wade through you Internet creeps. Enjoy.

Follow her on Instagram at @pmgypsy, or check back here for more breathless updates.

  • chris

    Hot chick but you look like a tool in half these pics. Stop trying so hard to be sexy.

  • A.V. Stavern

    Dad Wayne? “The Great One”
    Daughter Paulina? “The Great Two”

  • mi

    I’d lick her asshole.

  • Anonymous

    you’d lick Oprah’s also. Who cares

  • mi

    Just because your Dad sexually abused you, doesn’t mean you have to take it out on others.

  • http://www.ascot.co.uk/ James St John Smythe

    …after a bloody diarehia explosion?





  • MaximGhost .

    Her looks comes from her mom’s side … Janet Jones has always been drop dead gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Dustin Johnson has holed in one’d all 3 of her holes!

  • Anonymous

    Dustin Johnson has holed in one’d all 3 of her holes!

  • Ryan Tito Ida

    say that while looking in a mirror and it’ll be more true

  • Red Dog

    WHORE… WHORE… WHORE… But I would do Her… UmppppH !!!

  • John Henry

    she needs a pimp who can help promote her career.

  • Anonymous

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  • Art Faucett

    Can we get pics from some women who aren’t hookers?

  • Jon

    Exactly what’s wrong with every selfie pic ever taken

  • Randy McGuire

    i just peed

  • Name

    it feels wrong to be ogling the Great One’s daughter.

  • bluesky

    That’s dirty.

  • Kën Shrëk

    Her mom was way hotter

  • Art Faucett

    It’s not abuse if he liked it

  • Anonymous

    skinny chicks,

    still hot though.

  • Anonymous

    Get a life, the world has seen better.

  • scotpens

    The word is “ogle,” not “oogle.”

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