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Weird But True

Woman Banned From Brooklyn Gym For Objecting To Class Named ‘Tough Titsday’

Rule No. 1 in owning a business: if a customer is offended by something you do, and she’s a woman, you say “Sorry, ma’m,” apologize and move on. You do not get into an email war with her. Did you think you were going to win that argument? Poor dope. Sad, really. You must not be married.

A woman who was offended by the name of a Brooklyn gym’s women’s-only fitness class, called ‘Tough Titsday’, was banned by the gym’s male owner after complaining about it.

A female patron of Crossfit South Brooklyn wrote to gym owner David Osorio, saying that she liked the gym, but was offended by the class name ‘Tough Titsday’. After first receiving a reply from a female employee defending the name, the customer, Rachel (no last name given) replied that she was still offended by the name, and could they change it?

So Osorio wrote back this time, all personally offended for some reason, and ended up banning Rachel from the gym. And now he’s taking all kinds of heat for it. Jezebel:

Rachel said she was shocked that Osorio banned her from CrossFit South Brooklyn “because I expressed my opinions and didn’t like the word tits. I even wonder if he would’ve banned a male if he did the same thing.”

Various CrossFit-hating blogs attempt to explain why CrossFit is so creepy; one recent post on “I Hate CrossFit” describes how one might find him or herself “knee deep in the crossfit cult rabbit hole.”

See details, including email exchanges, here. Crossfit South Brooklyn attempts to explain itself here.

It’s been my experience that gyms come in two types: local independent, which are dirty, distasteful places with dodgy business practices and odd, smelly employees; and corporate, which feature ferns and espresso bars and have employees who meet with you via appointment and are about a month away from becoming car salesmen.

So I built one-hoop basketball court in my backyard to avoid the whole thing.

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  • Bon

    If you’re offended by the word “Tits” you have bigger problems with your life…

  • http://twitter.com/EyeOnThePitch Samir Chopra
  • Anonymous

    I would say good for him but he will probably end up being forced to apologize for offending her and have to attend re-education…er sensitivity training so he does not do it again. I sure miss the days when you could offend somebody whether you intended to or not and not have to go thru all the pc b.s

  • jimguida

    She expressed her displeasure, he responded. The next step is hers – get over it or quit the gym. Just because someone is offended doesn’t mean we have to remove the offense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/missy.winters.796 Missy Winters

    What exactly did the gym do wrong here?

  • NC

    Nobody thinks that the gym owner is wrong? really?
    The name is offensive…and totally unnecessary. Are there equally stupid and disgusting names for the men’s areas? Or is this just some former jock who is trying to be funny? (and failing miserably).
    Of course, a female employee is going to take up for it….she is an EMPLOYEE.
    He is obviously a very moronic businessman to come up with an annoying name and not be afraid to lose part of his business. Hopefully, some other women will stage a walkout and go and give their money to somebody who can appreciate their business.
    “is there a limp penis room for the men?” or anything like that? I would guess not.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a private business and as such can make decisions which someone may or may not agree with. She expressed her distaste for their advertising choices and did not receive a satisfactory resolution to her complaint. As an American she is now free to not patronize this privately owned enterprise, just as the owner has every right to run his business in the manner in which he desires to run it, including his choice in naming his exercise classes. He has broken no laws and he is not forcing anyone to accept his choices. Contrary to what you may have been told in whatever liberal/progressive school you attended you have no G-d given right to NOT be offended. Regarding the name “tough tits”; you fail in your attempt to draw comparison by asking the non sequitar question “is there a limp penis room” A logical comparable offering of a class for men would be more along the lines of “Hard Phallus Fridays” or perhaps “Wednesday Woodies”. You sound like an angry woman who assumes that all women must think in lock step with your, and apparently Rachel’s, thinking. Of course, the female employee is only protecting her job, she couldn’t possibly think independently or differently than you…..

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