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Video Of Bullying Victim Bodyslamming His Bully Goes Viral, Media Firestorm Likely To Ensue

  • Brad Cohen

Australian student Casey Heynes became the latest YouTube sensation—and unofficial anti-bullying PSA posterboy—when he was captured on video bodyslamming a bully that had hit him in the face.

The (much smaller) bully taunted and hit Casey after school while other kids laughed and videotaped the whole incident. Eventually, the much-bigger Casey could take no more, as he picked up the scrawny antagonizer and smashed him hard onto the concrete.

We have seen no reports regarding what happened to the bully, but he appeared to injured as he struggled to walk around after the incident. Apparently, Casey got suspended from school for his actions and could face further discipline, while the kid picking on him allegedly received no punishment.

The YouTube page provided the following information, allegedly from Casey’s friend’s father:

“This 16 year old kid has been tormented every single day of his short high school life – and today he snapped!! He was suspended and may be looking at criminal charges, all because this little runt thought he could make an example of Casey in front of his “TUFF buddies!!”

A Facebook group formed to support “Casey The Punisher,” and members appear to be highly in favor of his decision to fight back. But the words some people have chosen in support of Casey might be taking things a little too far.

Bullying has been a hot issue lately—President Obama even held a conference last week to address the problem—and this is sure to add fuel to the anti-bullying campaign.

UPDATE: Watch full video of Heynes’ first interview here.

UPDATE: Casey Heynes’ first televised interview: “I’ve never had so much support.”

UPDATE: New information about Casey Heynes and his bully.