What We Learned From The Giancarlo Stanton Deal

By Chris Mitchell Derek Jeter continues to help the New York Yankees win championships while making errors. Jeter won multiple Gold Gloves while being one of the worst defensive shortstops in the game, while the Yankees rolled up Division Titles and World

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Don’t Forget About Case Keenum As a MVP Candidate

  There’s the obvious NFL MVP Candidates, and then there is the Unsung Hero of The Twin Cities By George Kurtz When you think of who is the Most Valuable Player in the NFL, what player comes to mind? I mean, do you even care? To be honest, I do

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Solving The NCAA Football Playoff Problem

By Cam  Giangrande Don’t hate the player, hate the game. In this case the player is The Alabama Crimson Tide, and the game is the NCAA football playoff series. Over 20 years ago, people began clamoring for a definitive system to establish college footb

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Quiz! Can You Name the Teams For These 13 Old Sports Logos?

Sports fans love sports logos because they get emblazoned on clothing and paraphernalia, allowing people to wear them and show their allegiance! A great logo can really help build up a fan base, especially if it were a change from a bad sports team logo.

  • David Gonos
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An In-Depth Update On The NFL MVP Race

Does Carson Wentz Have a Shot to Win the MVP? By Tim McCullough It’s hard to believe, but we are three-quarters of the way through the 2017 NFL season. There is still plenty of football left to play and there are still many teams with playoff aspiration

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