7 Great Things To Know About the 2017 TV Upfronts

  • David Gonos


The world of entertainment has turned autumn, a season that normally signifies the waning days of summer fun and botanical beauty, into a wonderful world of new things. From a new season of NFL and college football, to new seasons of network television shows – many of which are new TV series altogether.

The 2017 TV upfronts were this week, and for the uninitiated, this is a time when the four major networks, as well as some Cable TV networks, roll out their big new series for the coming fall and winter seasons for advertisers. This allows ad buyers to start positioning themselves for shows they want to be parts of as sponsors, helping the network earn back some revenue.

For TV viewers, the 2017 TV upfronts are like seeing the movie previews in a theater, getting a brief look at programs you won’t be able to see for another four or five months. There’s so much hope!

2017 TV Upfronts: 7 Awesome/Horrible Things

As much as the networks would want us to believe it, not all of the news coming out of the TV upfronts is that awesome. But we narrowed the list of exciting things to be excited and/or horrified about for upcoming shows to just seven.

David Gonos

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