A Light At The End Of The Nerd Tunnel: Nate Silver Declares Start Date For FiveThirtyEight Site

  • Jake O'Donnell

Nate Silver is something of a nerd god. His ability to use data to predict the future has made him a celebrity among that part of the venn diagram that contains both people who read, and those who are not clairvoyant. So it’s no wonder Bill Simmons sat down with the new ESPN site coordinator to discuss personal branding at SXSW.

Wait, what? Yes — branding.

The basic gist we picked up from Twitter, was that they talked about how Silver’s approach to content has carved out a niche in the analytical journalism world, and how that has culminated in a return to sports realm for the former New York Times quant. What we can infer from the various tweets emerging from the discussion, is that ESPN gave Silver more editorial discretion, while other news outlets (his FiveThirtyEight blog was courted by many) wanted to put their names all over everything.

The new, Grantland-inspired ESPN web-vehicle debuts on March 17th — the same day that March Madness brackets come out. We can’t wait.