Alvin Greene Rap Inexplicably Morphs Into LeBron Highlight Reel (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

By now you’re probably familiar with the story of Alvin Greene, the unlikely Senate candidate from South Carolina. Well, he’s got a new campaign video (whether or not it’s actually affiliated with him, it’s already bringing him more attention) in the form of a rap song, notable for being, um, a bit out there. One reason we say this: at one point, the background footage for the music becomes a highlight video for LeBron James.

Mediaite’s Philip Bump transcribed the lyrics for us all, and the song features gems like:

Well, Greene’s a new face in politics,
And he don’t show porno to college chicks.

Can this possibly be real? The New York Times treated it as if it were in the post linked above. We have our doubts, but if it is, Greene was unfazed by LeBron’s actions as a free agent – this Twitter account tweeted support to LeBron when he first joined Twitter, and eventually answered what were apparently many questions about what LeBron was doing in Greene’s video. While that account is unverified, if any Twitter account has a legitimate affiliation with Greene, it’s that one.

Below is the video, for your viewing/listening pleasure/bewilderment. We refuse to believe it’s real unless we’re presented with absolute, concrete proof. To try to obtain such proof, we emailed Greene’s campaign website about it, but are doubting we’ll hear back. Whether he had anything to do with the song or not, it’s some seriously weird stuff. Behold “ALVIN GREENE IS ON THE SCENE” (non-sequitur LeBron highlights start in earnest at 1:47):

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