Amar’e Stoudemire Shoots Hoops With Regis And Kelly, Or: Why Amar’e Is NYC’s Media Darling

  • Glenn Davis

From the moment he signed his massive contract last summer, Amar’e Stoudemire fit in quite well in New York. He played well, helped the Knicks win a bit more than they have in a while, and he mingling successfully with the city’s upper crust.

But as influential as the Anna Wintours of the world are, this morning Stoudemire came face to face with an icon who, in our estimation, looms even larger: Regis Philbin. Yes, Stoudemire paid a visit to Live with Regis and Kelly this morning. Yes, they shot hoops; yes, Regis started yelling about things; and yes, it was the best.

Truth be told, in fact, the segment (which also touched on topics like Stoudemire’s eligible bachelor status) wasn’t much until Regis started yelling. But there’s just something about that feistiness combined with being secure in the knowledge there’s no actual rage behind the yelling makes it all the more enjoyable when Regis (clad in Amar’e-like protective glasses) demands to know why his shot hit “that back thing.” Video of the shootaround, via ABC, below.