Andre Agassi Offers To Show Naked Pictures Of His Wife, Steffi Graf

  • Brad Cohen

So, this happened—in an attempt to raise money at a charity auction in Taiwan, Andre Agassi promised bidders he would show a picture of his wife, former tennis star Steffi Graf…with no clothes on. “You pay more than $4,000, and I will show you a picture of my wife, on my phone, naked,” Agassi said as held up an item to bid on.

He appears to have showed the winning bidder, but that’s a matter of debate. Still, I wonder whose wife is more upset, Agassi’s or Brett Favre‘s. What’s worse? Showing photos of your woman or of yourself? While the tennis star might not have had permission to offer up the photos of his lady, at least he was doing it for a good cause. Favre “allegedly” sent naked photos of himself to get laid. By a woman other than his wife. Seems like a clear winner.

Either way the story has the same moral—don’t have naked pictures on your cell phone.