Anonymous NBA Player Calls Kevin Garnett “Punk And A Coward”

  • Mohammed Rahman

An anonymous NBA player wrote in ESPN the Magazine that Kevin Garnett is a “punk and a coward.”

The magazine has a regular column in which a player, “Player X,” dishes dirt. Garnett was the subject of said dirt in the latest edition, and this shouldn’t be a surprise. He has always been a trash talker like almost every other starter in the NBA; however, during his time with the Boston Celtics, his reputation as a bully has been cemented.

Opposing players and fans dislike Garnett’s way of playing the game. It’s the little things, including calling players cancerous (or whatever he actually said), that add up and end in tripping defenders on last-second shots in the playoffs.

It should come as no surprise, then, to see a player call out Garnett. The anonymous player further said:

Easy for me to say behind this column. Don’t worry, I’ll tell him to his face, too. And I’m not the only one who thinks that: If you’re not on his team, chances are you hate the guy. You can learn a lot about him by watching his eyes. If he’s talking to you — and he’s always talking — he avoids eye contact. My advice to other guys in the league: Stare him down, and he’ll retreat. From what I’ve seen, he’ll never mix it up with a player who’s bigger than he is. Personally, I think he’s scared to fight — like a playground bully who barks but doesn’t bite.

Fightin’ words. Let’s see if Garnett responds.